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We are International Publishers of Journals, Magazines, Periodicals & Online books dedicated to the global dissemination of information in the fields of Science, Medicine and Technology.

All of journals published by us have distinguished editorial board from all over the academic world and industry with extensive academic experience, ensuring that the journals maintain high scientific standards and has broad international coverage. We are dedicated to publish highest quality open access journals, eBook (Hybrid Access), and magazines for rapid dissemination of knowledge in the areas of Science, Medicine and Technology.

We strongly believe that a researcher contribute peer reviewed scholarly open access journals due to obvious advantages such as free access to scientific content regard less of affiliation with subscribing library, lower cost for research in academia and industry, improved access for general public, higher citation and impact of research.
We offer 100% unrestricted access to content of journals published by us on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.
Please visit individual journal website for details on Aims and Scope, Instruction to authors, current list of journal editors and other details.

Why Quantinental Journals :
The multidisciplinary series include journals that stand for quality. Scientific research, in specific medical science research needs to be on pace with the new and evolving challenges faced by the modern world. With ever-growing problems in medicine, the need to publish and report the scientific community worldwide on new incidents, inventions and technologies to diagnosis and treatment, medicines and antidotes, and insights to prevalent diseases and medical practices is essential. This requires speedy publications with no loss in quality.

Quantinental Journal series accepts publications that have innovation or new perspectives on previous research. Editors of this journal series give priority to clarity, precision and concise presentation of any article published. Clarity is defined as the expression of thoughts of the author at no loss of the information that is to be communicated through this scientific platform. Precision is determined based on the appropriate content deemed fit for the defined objective or hypotheses for every published article. Concise presentation is aimed to improve the unique percentile of the content published as of the intellectual expressions of the publishing author(s). Having defined the “quality” genre for Quantinental Journals, these series envisages on publications that can communicate research advances in science and medicine worldwide to academics, scientists and researchers. These articles are meticulously presented thus enabling non-native speakers of the English language to better understand recent research advancements and to easily communicate their research findings in return. Quantinental Journal series provide accessibility to subject expertise editors for effectively communicating your research reports and critical suggestions.

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